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Lindsay Lohan Making Out With Samantha Ronson Pictures

Normally celebrity lesbian photos would be exciting news, no matter how poor in quality, but for some reason I couldn t care less about these Sam Lilo and photos.. Here are some pictures of the security camera of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson chain smoking, weight vodka / Red Bull and making out in Washington DC.
26.11.08 09:06

Actor Cruise Regrets His Oprah Antics

Actor Tom Cruise said he regrets that some of his behavior when he first started dating Katie Holme. The star told Hello! Magazine: I Guess I Did Court Her Kind Of Aggressively When he first began dating Holmes, Cruise appeared on Oprah Winfrey show, jumping on the sofa with his excitement..
26.11.08 09:06

Eddy Murphy Comedy

Meet Dave, Eddie Murphy best movie in some time, is essentially a joke comedy that does not generate many laughs, especially by children, Murphy plays two roles the dark captain of a spaceship whose crew is composed mini-aliens, and the spaceship itself, which is designed to look like a human being.
26.11.08 09:06

Escaped Patient Evaded Police Inquest Heard

L escaped psychiatric patient who had drilled in the basement of a house Sarnia was confronted outside by a police officer in the city after breaking through a basement window, an investigation into the shooting death heard Tuesday Mans. Team members at home Douglas were looking with a mirror when he moved to the basement window. They went down the stairs, in line with their plan. A Sarnia police Emergency Response Team was called after Michael Dougla, 35, left Bluewater Health, came into George Street home the morning of 7 March 2007, had a physical confrontation with the police and fled to the basement.
26.11.08 09:06

Kate Winslet Happy To Age Gracefully

I m like, yes, Damn! Watch those facing move, said Parade about reunification with the Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road.. Kate Winslet revealed that she can not be t mind the aging process.
26.11.08 09:06

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